Women’s Rising Star Nominee – Round 9

Women’s Round Nine Rising Star nominee

Name: Kelsey Wishart

Age: 21

Nickname: Kels

Club: Kiama Power

Position: Mid-Field/Ruck

Senior Games Played Before 2019: 0

Junior Club: None

Favourite Activity Outside of Football: Her Job Teaching and Being with Kids

What is the one thing they are well known for around the club? Kelsey loves her music and often brings a speaker to the game for some pre-game pump up music

What role do they play for the club both on and off the field? Off the field, Kelsey is a warm and friendly personality around the club and is actively involved in helping with the general duties on game day as well as doing her part to help at training and functions. On the field Kelsey is a very tough competitor and has an incredibly big kick of the footy. She plays hard and fair as well as showing great sportsmanship and a great spirit for the game.

The night before the game what will they most likely be doing? At home with her puppy

Do they have any pre-game superstitions? Kelsey loves to get a pre-game pump up from her Dad.

Reason for nomination this round: Kelsey showed incredible determination and resilience during our most recent match against Northern Districts. She was a crucial factor is getting the hard-fought win with her relentless attack of the footy in the mid-field, gaining some very tough ball-gets and driving the ball forward with that fantastic kick of hers. Kelsey took some impressive marks and her defensive pressure was excellent. She really helped to inspire our team with her guts and determination and definitely stepped up when we needed her most.

Coach quote: Coming from both hockey and soccer backgrounds, Kelsey only started her AFL journey this year but as a natural athlete, she is developing an amazing IQ for the game already. Kelsey is a very focused and hard working player both at training and on game day. As a coach it has been wonderful to watch her skills and knowledge of the game develop and to see her thrive against some of the toughest opponents in our competition.

Kelsey is a strong and tough mid-fielder in our team and works hard to win the footy both on the ground and in the air. She has also been put into the ruck on occasion which further shows her versatility and ability to quickly learn and adapt to new roles and situations.

Kelsey has a very impressive kick of the footy and has also worked hard to develop other skills as well such as marking, hand-balling and shepherding.

It’s not hard to see that Kelsey just loves her footy. She is eager to learn everything she can about this game and with her determination and passion for the sport, there’s honestly no telling where it might take her in the future.


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