AFL South Coast Partner with Heart Research Australia

AFL South Coast is pleased to announce a partnership with Heart Research Australia for AFL South Coast Senior Grand Final Day which will see a percentage of all gate takings across the day directed to Heart Research Australia.

Heart Research Australia raises funds for innovative research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease and was chosen by AFL South Coast as a way to honour Darren Williams who suddenly passed away earlier this year.

Kiama Power, led by Michael Williams, were inspired by the work of Heart Research Australia and chose to support them by raising money and celebrating Darren’s legacy during their ‘Heart Research Australia Game’ played between the Kiama Power and the Figtree Kangaroos each year. AFL South Coast are honoured to be able to also support this.

Kiama Power’s aim, and now AFL South Coast’s, it to raise more awareness and have a better understanding of heart disease and how knowing what the warning signs are before a heart attack strikes can prevent this happening again to you or somebody else we love.

For anyone wishing to contribute further to this great cause there is an everyday hero page which Michael Williams has set up

Heart Research Australia’s goal is to reduce the devastating impact heart disease has on families and the community. Their focus is seed-funding for cardiac researchers to investigate new areas. Their aim is to make their work competitive for grants from national bodies such as the National Health and Medical Research Council.

Heart Research Australia’s CEO Nicci Dent says “we are so grateful for the support of Michael Williams, the Kiama Power team, AFL South Coast and the South Coast community.  It has been so wonderful seeing the whole community get together to support Heart Research Australia and highlights what an incredible man Darren was. This partnership is wonderful for Heart Research Australia helping us make breakthroughs in heart disease happen.  Each step gets us closer to our goal of keeping families together for longer.”


Heart Research Australia’s Vision

Making breakthroughs in heart disease happen.

Heart Research Australia’s Mission

We support world class and emerging researchers to conduct ground-breaking research into the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease.

Heart Research Australia fund a range of different cutting edge research areas – prevention strategies, diagnosis methodologies and technology, and treatment types. In the 1960’s, the death rate from heart disease peaked , causing over 50% of deaths in Australia. Thanks to the increasing advances in heart research and treatment, this rate has been steadily declining to the 33% rate it is today. But there is still much to do. Heart disease still remains the leading cause of death worldwide – far more than any other disease, and the rising levels of obesity and diabetes in adults and children makes the need for breakthroughs even more pressing.


Grand Final Gate

$5 per adult (18 and over)

Free entry – children and pensioners

Each competing team will be able to provide a list of 30 names who get free entry on the day


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