Wollongong Coaching Workshop – Wed 6th March

North Dalton Park will host a Coaching Workshop on Wednesday 6th March from 6 – 7:30pm.

This workshop is open to all Senior and Junior (male and female) coaches across the region wanting to enhance their knowledge for Season 2019.

With the game changing all the time, it is important for coaches, to continue to grow their knowledge to support the growth of community football.

The main factor when for player retention comes from coach and player relationships which will be a key component of the workshop along with specialised topics such as coaching females.

To register:

1 –  Sign up (Join) / Log in to Coach.AFL (All coaches need to be accredited for season 2019 to coach a team – no exceptions!)
2 –  Scroll down to ‘Coaching Workshops’ (map of Australia)
3 –  Click on NSW
4 –  Scroll to ‘South Coast’ workshops
5 – Register for the Wollongong workshop

For further information on coaching, please contact Cam Bernasconi at cameron.bernasconi@afl.com.au or head to coach.afl today.