About Us

Formed in 1969, under the moniker South Coast AFL, Australian Football has thrived for 54 years throughout the Illawarra and Shoalhaven regions of NSW. AFL South Coast is the controlling body and is responsible for the governance and administration of all aspects of Australian Football across the region. The competition is managed by two full-time AFL NSW/ACT employed staff members, Community Football & Competition Manager – South Coast and Competition Coordinator – ACT & Regional NSW in addition to receiving administrative support from an AFL NSW/ACT employed SportsReady Trainee.

Further to the staffing structure, AFL South Coast are supported by functional teams of AFL NSW/ACT staff including: Facilities & Governance, Regulatory and Compliance, Coaching, Umpiring, Game Development (School programs & Auskick) and Media/Marketing.

AFL South Coast comprises of three competitions, AFL South Coast Seniors, AFL Shoalhaven Juniors and AFL Illawarra Juniors. In 2024, the two junior competitions have combined under the branding “AFL South Coast Juniors” for  the Under-15s and Under-17s grades.

Umpiring and the local umpire coaching structure plays an integral role in delivering the competition to a high standard, with local coaching consisting of a Head Umpire Coach, Assistant Coach, Boundary Coach, and Goal Umpire Coach. In 2024, the coaching structure will look to develop further, to include significant matchday coaching of officials, in addition to the weekly in-person training held during the season at North Dalton Park.

Competing in AFL South Coast sanctioned competitions are 12 clubs, geographically spread from Woonona north of Wollongong, through to Ulladulla in the south.

AFL South Coast’s offices are located in the Sportshub, University of Wollongong, and staff can be contacted via phone or email to coordinate a meeting at this location or off-site.


AFL South Coast Seniors

  • Men’s Premier Division
  • Men’s Reserve Grade
  • Women’s Premier Division
  • Women’s Reserve Grade

AFL South Coast Juniors:

  • Illawarra Juniors Under-9s Mixed
  • Illawarra Juniors Under-9s Girls
  • Illawarra Juniors Under-11s Mixed
  • Illawarra Juniors Under-11s Girls
  • Illawarra Juniors Under-13s Mixed
  • Illawarra Juniors Under-13s Girls

  • Shoalhaven Juniors Under-9s Mixed
  • Shoalhaven Juniors Under-9s Girls
  • Shoalhaven Juniors Under-11s Mixed
  • Shoalhaven Juniors Under-11s Girls
  • Shoalhaven Juniors Under-13s Mixed
  • Shoalhaven Juniors Under-13s Girls

  • South Coast Juniors Under-15s Boys
  • South Coast Juniors Under-15s Girls
  • South Coast Juniors Under-17s Boys
  • South Coast Juniors Under-17s Girls

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