Regulations, Rules & Policies

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AFL South Coast Policies

AFL South Coast Rules & Policies

2024 Laws of Australian Football

2024 AFL NSW/ACT & South Coast Rules

2024 AFL South Coast League Variations – last updated 3rd April, 2024

2022 AFL NSW-ACT Player Points System Policy – AFL South Coast FINAL

AFL South Coast Interchange Agreements

Interchange Agreement – AFL Sydney – AFL South Coast

Interchange Agreement – AFL Canberra – AFL South Coast

Interchange Agreement – AFL Sapphire Coast – AFL South Coast

AFL NSW/ACT Policies

Investigations, Disciplinary and Hearings

AFL NSW-ACT Tribunal Guidelines 2020 Final

AFL NSW ACT Tribunal Rules and Procedures 2020

AFL NSW/ACT Tribunal Hearing Procedures 2022

AFL NSW ACT Notice of Appeal Template

State and Territory Disciplinary Guidelines

Resources and Forms

AFL NSW/ACT Practice Match Request Form

Working With Children/Child Protection Forms

AFL NSW/ACT Student Permit Application

Inclusion Dispensation Application Form

AFL National Policies


The National Community Football Policy Handbook has superseded these past guidelines:

(i) Complaint and Investigation Guidelines dated June 2013;
(ii) Member Protection Policy dated June 2013;
(iii) National Age Dispensation Policy dated October 2018;
(iv) National Child Protection Policy dated March 2015;
(v) National Extreme Weather Policy dated June 2013;
(vi) National Gambling Policy dated June 2013;
(vii) National Coaching Accreditation Policy dated November 2018;
(viii) National Player and Official Deregistration Policy dated July 2021;
(ix) National Player Registration and Transfer Regulations dated March 2022;

Eligibility, Registration and Match Day

AFL Junior Football Match Policy

AFL Female Football Guidelines

Member Protection and Integrity

Part C in the National Community Policy Handbook addresses matters of member protection and integrity

Health and Safety

Concussion Management 

Partners and Sponsors