GIANTS Lend a Helping Hand

Originally published on by GWS GIANTS


While many Sydneysiders enjoyed their long weekend around the harbour, at the beach or enjoying a barbecue with friends, some GIANTS were getting their hands dirty to help those in need.

Without any fanfare, Sam Reid, Adam Kennedy and Jacob Hopper contacted some residents of the bushfire affected South Coast region and offered their support in any way they could help.

With a rare weekend off training, the trio made the three hour journey to Yatte Yattah to help the Burns family clear their property and rebuild some of the sheds that had recently been destroyed.

The three players also drove through Lake Conjola to gain a first-hand experience of what the locals have gone through in recent months. 

A visit to the nearby community centre was next where the three GIANTS were popular visitors to many of the locals, especially a number of kids who play for the local football club, the Ulladulla Dockers. 


Local resident and AFL NSW/ACT Regional Manager of South Coast Matt Graham was full of praise for the three players.

“It was great to have Sam, Adam and Jacob give up some of their time to come and lend a hand,” Graham said.

“These communities have been through so much recently and to have some of their role models travel down to help rebuild their town means a great deal to the region.

“Just a simple kick of the footy or chat about something other than the fires means the world to these people, especially the young kids.”

“The GIANTS have built a lot of strong relationships across the region over the years and what these guys did will help that continue to grow in the years to come.”

The GIANTS will this week make further announcements of more community visits to bushfire affected regions across NSW.


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